IMG_2615Today is the first of December and the start of Dressember, a movement started by Blythe Hill in 2009 to bring awareness and action to the exploitation of women all around the world. Since 2009  Dressember has grown in its influence, partnering with International Justice Mission to rescue women sold into sex slavery.

Today women all around will commit to wearing a dress every day for the entire month of December. Their commitment will represent their pledge to raise awareness about the exploitation of women and to fund rescue missions.

I have participated in Dressember since 2013 and I hope you will join me this year. You can learn more about my Dressember team  HERE.



Thankful FOUR: Thanksgiving Edition

IMG_1073This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I have few cares but many who care for me.

I am thankful for Jesus who blesses me continuous in my work, everyday life and relationships.

I am thankful for the support of so many family members, friends and strangers.

I am thankful that I have a million reasons to smile and be joyful.

With a grateful heart,

-Buki Peters


24 hours in Washington DC

IMG_0556 - Version 2IMG_0549Washington DC is a spectacular city, full of culture and much character so inspired by Eventbrite,  I created a Fall Guide to Washington DC.  If I had 24 hours in Washington DC my itinerary will include the following:
IMG_24539:00am I’d start with a hearty breakfast at Poste located in the heart of the Penn Quarter and China town.

IMG_567710:30am I’ll walk off my breakfast at the the Smithsonian museums close by.

IMG_851912:00pm  After walking around the museums I will take the metro over to Union Market where I’ll have lunch and browse the local food vendors.

Buki Peters at Nomad Yard, DC91:30pm  I’ll head over to Dolcezza for a hot chocolate or coffee to pick me up before heading over to one of my favorite DC vintage shops.
4qNkr4XjkMFcqUf5bk_jttXnW2gSNCDbdQWHNtV7_y8,f21you6emOXLzlakfvzruN98U56lpIh889KZ26dVzMs,SWQpas4aDow91c2OkRTQ9AwbDQRPQC5RvPQsX60a2oE,wDypeZ61L8nGdz-CDYow0bv9JMb-vPzf9Gh89P4a8jc2:00pm Next I will meet a friend over at Nomad Yard to browse the new arrivals and shop for a vintage hat to keep me warm through the fall and winter months.

IMG_0539 IMG_32423:15pm After finding my ideal vintage hat, I’ll bike using Capital Bike Share to Eastern Market to check out the local clothing vendors and colorful murals.
IMG_29345:30 pm  For dinner I’ll go to Aqua al Due, which is the most authentic Italian food I’ve found in DC since moving back from Florence, Italy.
IMG_25037:30 pm After a delightful meal with friends, we’ll bike over to The Kennedy Center to listen to a Musical or see a Ballet.

IMG_8547IMG_32889:30pm Following the Kennedy center I’ll bike along the Potomac into Georgetown and have dessert some warm drinks at Kafe Leopolds.

IMG_3292IMG_331810:30pm - 12 am  To cap off my night, I will take a  self-guided tour of the monuments on my city bike. I will start at The Lincoln Memorial and end at the Martin Luther King Memorial which will conclude my delightful 24 hours in DC!

Eventbrite’s Event planning site is very helpful when planning local events to spotlight your own city, check it out here.


Buki Peters








5 Thanksgiving Outfits for every Invite

buki3Thanksgiving day is on Thursday and although the most important thing is giving thanks, it is also fun to dress appropriately for the gatherings you’ll attend. You want to make sure you have enough room to eat and also look great in photos so below are 5 Thanksgiving outfits for every invite you’ll receive.IMG_3244Family Thanksgiving Brunch: Your family already loves you, but it is tradition to add a little flare to your attire for the yearly cousins photo… So swap that basic solid skirt for a bold patterned one!

IMG_4194Friends-giving: You see your best friends every weekend, but you have designated this Thanksgiving gathering to be extra special… So cinch your jacket with a feminine bow (you can loosen it once you start eating) and take out your sparkly scarf but wear your favorite jeans and boots as usual for comfort. 

IMG_8647Meet the Parents Thanksgiving: So you have been dating this guy for almost a year and now it the time to make it official by meeting his parents over dinner.  You will of-course try every dish but let’s be honest, this dinner is more of an interview so do yourself a favor and pre-eat a little before you go. Then wear your most flattering dress with kitten heels and a jacket or scarf (not pictured) so you look and feel your best.

IMG_2070Restaurant Thanksgiving: This year you have to work the day after Thanksgiving so there is no point in flying home. But one perk of consulting is having your meals covered so you and your work mates will end up going to Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Show your colleagues you have more than just boring suits in your closet by wear a chic dark denim with fun heels and a cropped trench.

IMG_1559In-laws Thanksgiving: You are family now but don’t see your parents in law every week, so you want to fancy up a bit to have dinner at their house yet still be prepared to run after your twin toddlers when necessary. So wear a pair of dress pants (machine washable ofcourse) with your trusty sneakers, a classic cotton top, a sweater then finish your look with a brooch and scarf for photos.

What will you be wearing?

-Buki Peters

Baby it’s cold outside…

IMG_0471Baby it’s cold outside…..

Hello!  Last week I had to take a few days off due to whiplash from an accident but I’m back and feeling good enough to type again, yay!

The cold front is finally here (Brrr) and I’m putting on all the layers I have to stay warm. This year’s challenge is to maintain a bit of color in my winter wardrobe because I tend to veer toward all black this time of year.

IMG_0363Cheers to bright warm colors during this cold season!

-Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

6295_558817573295_2271963_nI am thankful for friendships that expand my heart, challenge my fears and grow my faith. Friendships that are rooted in speaking the truth in love.

IMG_7731I am thankful for vintage finds that inspire me to create and experiment with new designs and materials.

IMG_1452I am thankful for delicious meals full of mushrooms and intentionally cooked with me in mind.

IMG_3295I’m thankful for self guided DC tours by moonlight with good friends.

When you stop and think about your month, your week and even your day, what are YOU thankful for? Please share below.

-Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

IMG_1381I’m thankful for warm weather in November.

IMG_3329I’m thankful for simple and beautiful floral arrangements in local restaurants.

IMG_4816I’m thankful for locally owned book stores that carry budding authors.

IMG_3904I’m thankful for sweet fellowship with friends over Bee Bim Bop and Korean Bqq.

What are you thankful for this week?

-Buki Peters

Grandma Chic

IMG_1573I am not a trend follower, in fact, I would rather walk than climb onto a bandwagon full of trend followers but once in a while my favorite things happen to align with what is trendy.IMG_1506So what is Grandma Chic? It is a classy look that is achieved by wearing accessories your grandma used to wear which made you think she looked so put together. IMG_1520A few key grandma chic staples are a bold brooch, a silk scarf and a cocktail ring. These are called finishing pieces, they add character and elevate the classiness of your look in a few easy steps. IMG_1532Do you see how simple my outfit would have been with out my Grandma chic accessories? I would have just been wearing solid colors but  the brooch, ring and scarf brought together my look beautifully.IMG_1618Are you ready to try the Grandma chic look? Or If you have these accessories how do you pair them?



Get Your Style Questions Answered Live on Periscope.

buki11What do you wear on an Autumn day when you have meetings in the morning and a dinner date in the evening?  How do you avoid wearing the expected all black outfit to a dinner party in the winter? Can I wear red to a wedding or is that still Taboo?

We all have Style Dilemmas that make looking and feeling our best a bit frustrating so I have created a place for you to get those questions answered. Tune in LIVE to Periscope HERE .

I will be on Periscope @bukipeters on Tuesdays at 12pm EST for a Style Q & A session. This is a unique time to get your questions answered by me, a seasoned professional stylist.

You may ask your questions live or you may email me questions in advance at buki@stylewithbuki.com.

See you tomorrow!

-Buki Peters

Photography by Heather Hazzan

4 Good Consignment boutiques in Northern Virginia

IMG_9829I enjoy dressing up and styling clients so I keep 2 things in mind when I shop . First I seek out stores that carry unique clothing, and second I shop locally. Below are 4 good consignment boutiques in Northern Virginia that I frequent for unique local finds.

1. Wardrobe Rescue in Vienna, VA – Wardrobe Rescue is a well-organized space that is easy to browse and has plenty of natural light. They stock mid-range to high-end designer clothing and handbags at affordable prices. I go to wardrobe rescue for their coach handbags and great indie playlist.IMG_9748 2. Vienna Consignment Boutique in Vienna, VA – Vienna Consignment Boutique has an incredibly friendly staff that is also knowledgeable about their merchandise. They carry contemporary clothing for a mature customer as well as unique vintage jewelry and accessories. I frequent Vienna Consignment for their vintage handbags and vintage clip on earrings.

IMG_98483. Treasure Trove in McLean VA – Treasure Trove houses an array of lovely finds in their 2 level shop. They carry contemporary clothing for men, women, and children as well as small furniture and dinner sets. I go there for vintage silk and wool scarves.

IMG_99614. Betsey and Cornelia’s in McLean VA – Betsey and Cornelia’s has an eclectic collection of Women’s designer clothing, Men’s clothing, Accessories and some home furnishings. They also carry some vintage items and many women’s shoes. I shop at Betsey and Cornelia’s for one of a kind vintage dresses and vintage hats.

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