About Me: Say Cheese!

IMG_1921If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably have guessed that I love smiling quite a bit, I mean it is my go to expression really and it almost always reflects my mood. What you may not know is that though I may say ” Cheese” a lot, I strongly DISLIKE cheese and eat it well, almost NEVER.

Cheese has been my least favorite food since Sixth grade. It all happened on Pizza day, I had waited in the cafeteria’s long line for cheese pizza but a few bites later, I was regretting my decision over the toilet bowl in the girls restroom.

I’m sure you cheese lovers may be feeling sorry for me by now. You’re probably thinking about all the wonderful cheeses I must have missed while living in Italy but be of good cheer because I did not know what I was missing. Well, that is until now.

The Pizza.

I visited a restaurant this past weekend and ordered a cheese-less chicken and veggie pizza. I ate it, liked it and took the leftovers home. After warming the remaining pizza the following day, I realized it was extra gooey… I felt a bit puzzled because it looked like cheese but OFCOURSE it could not be cheese, Eww I hate cheese!

The waitress assured me last night that a cream sauce had been put on the pizza but just to make sure, I had my cheese-loving brother in law try it. To my astonishment he confirmed that the supposed cream sauce was in fact mozzarella cheese! I was shocked for a moment but eating the rest of the yummy pizza seemed to calm me down.

I thought for years that my stomach had an intolerance to cheese and I would tell everyone about my 6th grade experience but now I wonder if the cafeteria pizza was just bad or my stomach has rid itself of this slight allergy over time.

Either way, this is HUGE because I have a certain chef in my life that supposedly makes the most incredible Pizza Margherita in 30 miles and I get to try it for the first time!

All thanks to the waitress at the restaurant, you’ve broaden my food horizon Meghan!

Do you have a similar past experience that you can’t shake? What is something you may need to try again? Do share!


Buki Peters

Fiery Red Gele

IMG_1735A Gele is a head scarf worn by women in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. I feel beautiful when I wear a gele. There are so many fancy ways to tie a gele so I continue to experiment with both traditional and creative styles of my own.

IMG_1707In Nigeria, elaborate geles are worn by Yoruba women (like myself) to weddings and other noteworthy occasions but I do not like waiting for occasions to be fancy so I wear geles on any occasion that pleases me.
IMG_1725 This particular gele was worn to celebrate Chinese New Year so I added two red pom poms into the folds of the gele to create a textured illusion of fireworks erupting. IMG_1737Then I did somthing I could never do in Nigeria’s Tropical climate, I played in the snow (as it was falling) with my fancy gele!IMG_1703|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by F. Adam|


Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR: February

February was a month filled with lovely surprises and incredibly humbling experiences. I am SO thankful for all God has blessed me with!IMG_9228

A new camera lens to encourage my creativity and show me how loved I am. This was a huge surprise that I am very grateful for.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.11.07 PMAppearing in 3 types of media! On TV (Let’s Talk LIVE), Online (Darling Magazine) and in Print (Marie Claire Magazine).

9znMdk5wATCL6t3ztz0lQaNEccd2BAMBkhT4je0U4UM,2d6leh8hZbVFlygWBVFUWxDsCXjuZcx48wcroCBMOmA  The First Locals LUV in Frederick, MD with the wonderful sisters of Whiskey & Thyme to show me around!

IMG_1938Winter weather that has forced me to rest more, pushed my creativity, broaden my sense of wonder and challenged my view of beauty during this season.

Do tell me, what are you thankful for?


Buki Peters

Snail Mail: How to personalize Envelopes & cards

IMG_1791Oh how wonderful is it to receive mail? I mean, letters addressed to YOU from friends or cards in the post. Well, I really really enjoy sending and receiving snail mail but I know it is 100x more fun when it’s pretty so let’s get started!

IMG_1798Needed: A friend or Loved one’s address
Supplies: A blank envelope, a blank card and colorful markers

IMG_1780I particularly enjoy decorating the back side of the envelope first. I think it is fun to look at the established shape of the envelope (triangular, rectangular or square) and accent it with a playful or pretty boarder. I usually leave the back flap for my return address because I like to keep the front of the envelope as uncluttered as possible.IMG_1783Then I draw at the bottom of the envelope usually draw flowers or geometric shapes like skyscrapers to fill in empty space so most of my designs are upward. On this envelope, bright flowers were perfect for the recipient of this card because she’s quite feminine and fun. IMG_1847Next, I decide on the lettering for the front to address the envelope. The most important thing about the front of the envelope is legibility and clarity. In the end, you want to make sure the postmaster can read the address in order to deliver your note.
I am not professionally trained in calligraphy or cursive so write the person’s name in my personal fancy way and usually write addresses in bold CAPS. IMG_1793You may write a letter or make a card that suits the recipient. If you choose to make a card, I find it is easiest to create a design around text. So start with a word that may describe the recipient or a quote they may like and write it in letters large enough to cover the card then decorate around it!

Locals luv: Frederick, MD

frederick vinesMeet Caitlin and Brianna, the sister duo behind Whiskey and Thyme and Frederick, MD locals. I visited Frederick,MD a few weeks ago and they were gracious enough to share their favorite local spots with me. I hope you enjoy their Locals Luv city guide!

How would you describe Frederick to someone visiting for the first time?
Frederick is this incredible city full of small businesses, good food, inviting and smart and creative people, and historical spots to explore.  Our downtown is quaint and full of history.  You can drive a few miles outside of our downtown and discover beautiful countryside and hiking paths. We may be biased, but we think it’s kind of the greatest. frederick - coffe“There are so many great coffee shops, we tend to frequent  Baltimore Coffee Co. and Cafe Nola the most for a delicious pick-me-up.”

vsIE_Z6e75sqgrHwZ8hIXsrlUDjl1eZHkZ0A5K1gMAA,fxJivY1DYFu7mv_Xo_lu-0NpMBq44GPMhk1qwKt6k0kDescribe your ideal day in Frederick…
Start with coffee!  There are plenty of great coffee shops: Frederick Coffee Co, Baltimore Coffee Co, Cafe Nola, Dublin Roasters to name a few.  Once we’re java-ed up, depending on the season, you can head to the Farmer’s Market on Market St. in downtown Frederick, explore the many small businesses, purchase a vintage find at Venus on the Half Shell (one of our favorites!), explore the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, check out some books at our awesome library….and to end the day, listen to some amazing musicians playing at local spots like Cafe Nola and Frederick Coffee Co.

Where in Frederick would you go for a date night?
Ayse Meze Lounge is one of our favorites for date night–but we tend to be partial to Mediterranean food. Other worthy mentions for a romantic date night would be the Wine Kitchen, The Tasting Room, and of course the infamous Volt Restaurant.

frederick - lib2What are some local organizations you ladies support or give back to the Frederick community?
The Rescue Mission does tons for our community.  Some really awesome folks run that place. The Heartly House is another organization that strengthens our community, providing services to survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault as well as child abuse.  They seriously make such a huge difference in people’s lives and they’ve even been recognized by the White House for their work.  frederick - venusWhat are a few of your favorite local shops?
Venus on the Half Shell for vintage finds. For thrifty shoppers, the Select Seconds Hospital Thrift Shop is great. Relish Decor for home goods, and their partner store Treaty General Store has great miscellaneous finds.

Where do you go/ what do you do to unwind and relax?
A good hike at Gamrbrill Park and the Watershed when the weather is nice out., walking around gorgeous Baker Park and taking in the beautiful landscape–we are clearly nature junkies here ;) And, for a nutrient boost we love the local juice bar, Juice Plate–their kale chips are the BOMB..

Frederick teaWhere would you go for a night out with friends?
Cafe Nola for a killer DJ set once a month (once again, bias here), Jo Jo’s Bar and Restaurant for a good bar scene, and Frederick Coffee Co for good acoustic jams and a delicious latte…it all just depends what you’re feeling.

frederick - store front|Shot on location in Downtown Frederick, MD || Photography by Katelyn Smoot|

For more from Caitlin and Brianna, visit Whiskey and Thyme, a  blog that highlights the beauty of the little moments all around us; often found in the most unexpected places.
Thank you for sharing Your Frederick with us ladies!

Click HERE for more Locals LUV stories


Buki Peters

Coming soon: Locals Luv Frederick, MD

F8h8pYSVIFmuRYLDH5j1L55sM6kroY0EFxNv44hGXGk,ikUiby6mlUvoKxs7mK1mHs1Uq_5-qIhG8sC-1FRf6KY,iEEcHkh1T1QvorMUP-WSjfVKoTLT0Uznw5O78HVuzS0|Shot on Location in Frederick, MD||Photography by Katelyn Smoot|

Isn’t it just the best to explore a new city with a native? You get to learn all the local spots and experience it  in an authentic way with out the touristy distractions. Well, that’s what Locals Luv is all about!

Last year I showed you (HERE) some of my favorite new discoveries around the DC metro area and  now it’s time to take a closer look at more local gems as experienced by other locals.

I recently spent a day exploring Frederick MD with the ladies of Whiskey and Thyme who are residents of the city. On Thursday, I will be sharing with you their favorites spots and tips for visiting Frederick.


xx, Buki Peters

Blush for Winter

IMG_1649Lately, I have been fighting the freezing temperatures with my super warm thoughts POWERS ( watch out!) and dreams of the dessert heat but after watching children sled and play in the snow, I decided it was time to step outside for a bit.IMG_1623|Wearing: Vintage Coat, J.Crew Polka Dot Shirt, Buki Peters Dress, J.Crew Belt and Franco Santo shoes|

I didn’t stay outdoors too long since I was inappropriately dressed for sledding but I really enjoyed seeing all the snow covered trees, fences and houses. It was like a little winter wonderland and I was Alice exploring it!IMG_9153-1Happy Thursday!

xx, Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

Image-1-1The incredibly humbling experience of being a Guest Editor in Marie Claire Magazine’s March Issue.
Pick up a copy at your local book/grocery store to see my Top picks when it comes to eating, shopping and staying in Washington DC.

IMG_9115Shared meals and time together with those that are most special to me.

521The ability to create and share art.

IMG_9102Snow Days and time off from work.

What are YOU thankful for? Do share below in the comments section!

xx, Buki Peters


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