Welcome to Style with Buki!


Welcome to Style with Buki! Thank you for sticking with me during my transition from James1542. This space is still being perfected but in the meantime I would like to tell you a bit about Style with Buki’s mission and purpose.
Style with Buki is a site with the goal of sharing life and style stories. This will be achieved through creative Style posts, cultivating of community through Locals Love feature and learning from others experiences through collaborations and travel.
2015 is already a great year and I look forward to experiencing new and exciting things with you!


About Me: Buks on Books

IMG_9646| Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by K.M || On Location at The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA |

My high-school besties nicknamed me Buks (Boks) and it is quite fitting for today’s post.

1. Dr. Seuss and C.S Lewis are my favorite authors.
2. I read children’s books a lot which basically means EVERYDAY.
3. I really enjoy reading out loud to Children and I recently realized this week actually, that I like being read to also. Even though I am considered a grown up it is fun to have someone hold all the juicy words and imagery of a book in their hands and feed you little bits of the puzzle until the whole picture has been realized in your brain. So far, I think this reading to me bit only applies to Non-picture books.
4. I write poetry to EXPRESS and IMPRESS myself. Sometimes the latter isn’t achieved but I never fail to try.
5. Lastly, I greatly admire and respect my friends and family members who are gifted writer and editors. A few of my favorites whose writing you may enjoy are linked below:

Cinelle – Cinelle Barnes
Kellie – My Heart of Clay
Emily - A Virginia Homestead

Enjoy reading!





IMG_8527|Photography  by Buki Peters || Joshua Tree National Park, CA |

Happy 2015 Friends! I took an unexpected Sabbatical from blogging after Thanksgiving and failed to inform you all. Please accept my sincere apologies. As I continue to work on my new site, I will get back to posting a bit more  of the “About me” series. I hope you all had great break and are enjoying the first two weeks of the new year!

Cheer to 2015!

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Thankful FOUR: Thanksgiving Edition

thanksgivingToday I am thankful for YOU wonderful friends that follow along on my blogging adventures. I enjoy exploring my city, fashion and all sorts of diversions but it’s double the fun when I know others get to share in this journey with me, so thank you.

IMG_6976Nandi, a dear friend and sister to me. She is one of a very special kind and rare to find.

IMG_0582Time, and those who lavish theirs on me. It is worth more that flowers, gifts or money and I am so grateful of it.

IMG_6514Chef K’s weekly photos of his culinary adventures in the kitchen and having to guess the dish he is preparing. This sweet gesture makes me feel a part of all excitement as it unfolds. IMG_0686Publications like Darling Magazine that celebrate beauty with campaigns like #RealNotRetouched.

Autumn in all its glory

IMG_0256Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus




IMG_0315|Wearing: Zara sweater, Martin & Osa Demin, B.P Scarf, Warby Parker glasses and Street Market Fedora|

IMG_0314| Styling by Buki Peters and Photography by K.M shot at Morven Park|

STYLE TIP: For an effortless  yet durable (enough to climb trees) Autumn outfit, Pair jeans with worn leather boots and a comfortable heavy cotton sweater. Cotton is best because it is breathable if you get a bit sweaty and also washable if you get a bit dusty from playing too hard.

Thankful FOUR

IMG_6424Recycled bottles that seem to restore life into withering roses.

IMG_3748Simple treats paired with a special nut and chocolate mix to created a mega treat.

IMG_6203Foggy and moody mornings that inspire the opening pages of whimsical stories and romantic poems.

IMG_3289Washington DC at night. This view never gets old.

What are you thankful for?


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Let’s start at the very beginning… ME


Hey hey hey….so as I transition into new content and a new name for my blog, I’d like to start sharing a bit a little about me with you… here is  the first bit about me:

I’m Buki. And I am the Buki-est buki that I can be!
I like my name a lot!
My full name means: God has blessed me.
When people see my name prior to meeting me, they often assume that I’m Japanese.
One of my favorite things about my name is how cute it sounds when kids say it: “boopi”, “buckey”, “boobee”.
I was born in Nigeria.
I was made by GOD.



Thankful FOUR

IMG_6579Chef K’s freshly baked bread which I (not so secretly) wish I could have delivered to me every Saturday Morning with Breakfast.IMG_6533Tulips that surprise me by fully opening up to display their beautifully created petals.

IMG_6360Sunsets on my way home that make my insides expand with joy and keep me smiling to myself the rest of the evening.

IMG_6216My favorite season of all, Autumn and speckled yellow leaves everywhere!

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