Fields of Green lace

DSC_0112 DSC_0117Wearing: Custom designed Green Lace Dress, Vintage belt and Earrings. DSC_0108The trees and vegetation as a whole seem especially lush this Spring. For once, I decided to try to blend in, why stand out among such beautiful fields of Green?


Buki Peters

DIY Tassel Loafers

IMG_3295 I enjoy wearing playful accessories after while browsing my shoes I decided to add some flair to my plain navy loafer. It’s easy to do and fun, so do try it!IMG_3446What do you need?

  • Tassels (See my easy Pinterest DIY here) or buy some at a craft store
  • A seam ripper Or a leather punch
  • A leather needle / a thick sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Shoes
  • Chalk and leather glue(optional)

IMG_34221. Mark the top of your shoe with chalk then puncture a hole with the seam ripper.  IMG_34552.Thread your needle with the hanging string from the tassel. IMG_34623.Pull the needle through the hole you made. IMG_34764.Now tie 2 knots to secure the tassel. Cut the hanging thread and apply glue to seal the thread if you wish. IMG_3488Now you are ready to wear your DIY Tassel Loafers!

What do you think? Easy aye? DO share if you try it!


Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

IMG_2028Kale, the vegetable that magically eases my crazy pollen allergies!IMG_1073 My super mom who supports my dreams, cheers me on and prays like crazy for me.IMG_3375Gorgeous Canopies of Wisteria that I get to play underneath. (This probably has a lot to do with my Pollen allergies acting up but oh well…)  IMG_7274Gorgeous views of The Kennedy Center.

What are you thankful for today?

xx, Buki

Purple Rain

DSC_0033Spring is in full bloom and it is lovely! I stop find myself stopping often just to enjoy all the beautiful flowers especially this gorgeous vine that formed a canopy in Meadowlark Gardens last week. It feels like Purple rain is falling down on me.

DSC_0032Wearing: Zara top, Mango Denim, B.P Sandals, Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, Vintage earrings and Hat DSC_0038 DSC_0041Photography by Stephany Rivero Anez | Styling by Buki Peters


Buki Peters


Locals Luv: Nomad Yard Collectiv

Buki Peters in NOMAD YARD, DC 2If you’re looking for a beautifully curated Vintage Collection that is both local and global then Nomad Yard Collectiv in NOMA is the place to visit! Recently voted Best of DC by Washington Paper, Nomad Yard is quickly becoming a local favorite.  Buki Peters in NOMAD YARD, DCDesiree Venn Frederic is the owner and half of the duo that curates Nomad Yard collectiv. Her distinct and bold style reflects the atmosphere of her space as well as the eclectic crowd it draws.Buki Peters in NOMAD YARD, DC 4Nomad Yard collective is not just a store but also a gathering place for creatives in the community. In less than a year of its opening, Nomad Yard Collectiv is already known for interacting with and adding to the NOMA community by hosting events and supporting local charity drives. Buki Peters in NOMAD YARD, DC 5Many thanks to Katalina of El Camino Travel and Local Photographer Emma McAlary for introducing me to Nomad Yard Collectiv and to Desiree for welcoming us into her gorgeous space. Buki Peters in NOMAD YARD, DC 3_IvXA9whXKY2Ok,Zl-xbfBdw8BU17haqSGi8OXChDljvAIgOOrXc1qxJNk,shbccLSgNCrk0SqAzQjx_0aHfirfgdX1UxvzBIEziHQ,NcgOr6OMMi2xEAx9Z1fA8I4Lo-7p_m_AGDbN9vXaQhE|Shot on Location a Nomad Yard in Washington D.C || Photography by Emma McAlary|

How to style a white lace dress – look 3

IMG_7411This is the final look of 3 in the How to Style a White Lace Dress Series. Check out the other ways  HERE! IMG_7410 This final look is Casual Chic and it is my favorite because it can go from day to evening. I paired this lace dress with a classic denim jacket then made it special with a bright red belt. To add a scarf for comfort on a cool morning or evening and to tie together all the colors worn. This look is my favorite of all three and it is also so patriotic which wasn’t planned but I like! IMG_7574Wearing: Forever21 dress| J.Crew Denim jacket, belt and scarf | Vintage Coach Bag and Vintage Earring.

IMG_7433|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by Joshua Gilbert|

Which look is your favorite?

xx, Buki Peters

How to style a white lace dress – look 2

IMG_7759This is the second of three posts in the How to Style a White Lace Dress Series. I am showing 3 ways to wear 1 lace dress. IMG_7755This look could be referred to as the sporty look. I paired this lace dress with a Parker to give it a bit of a utility edge and finished it off with sneakers, a printed cotton clutch and a leather and cord belt. This look is great for a day of errands or hanging out with friends at a park. IMG_7781Wearing: Forever21 dress, H&M Parka, Olubukunmi Clutch, Converse Sneakers, Vintage belt and earrings. IMG_7736|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by Joshua Gilbert|

Would you style a lace dress this way?

xx, Buki Peters

How to style a white lace dress – look 1

IMG_7642This is the first of three posts in the How to Style a Lace Dress Series. I will be showing you 3 ways to wear 1 lace dress.IMG_7612This look could be referred to as a dressy lady-like look. The cardigan and jewelry upgrade this simple white lace dress. The belt I chose is also white to create a longer silhouette and more formal look. I purposefully dressed this look down with sneakers because that is how I’d wear it otherwise it can be worn with pumps or a ballet flat to an afternoon luncheon.  IMG_7605Wearing: Forever21 dress, J.Crew cardigan, Urban Outfitters sunglasses,Converse Sneakers, Vintage belt, bangles and earrings. IMG_7615|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by Joshua Gilbert|

Would you wear a variation of this look?

xx, Buki Peters

How to style a white lace dress series…

IMG_7519Spring is the start of dress season for me and one staple in my wardrobe is a white lace dress. It is one of the articles of clothing I wear from April until August because it is so versatile. This week I will be styling this simple white lace dress 3 different ways.

Stay tuned!

xx, Buki Peters

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