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V9agfPcDasH22qSCcMWiusU5ITzLHENH70YdOSg7m68,NNSIGiuljHa5-8J0pRCuftpfGQOuz3nBkaCOWSB_7QYHello Friends,

I have some happy news to share.

Style with Buki is growing which means that you’ll get to meet some talented and creative contributors. I have been a one woman show for a while and I have desired to grow Style with Buki into a community with more contributors and more conversation.

You’ll be seeing more Style posts of me along with features of women and men (they are back from my James1542 roots!) , Locals Luv Posts, and Lifestyle Posts.

9-jennifer-sosa--buki-peters--modern-vintage-lifestylePhotos by Jennifer Sosa

I will have links to the contributors that are featured so you can get to know them better. My goal is to cultivate community with other talented individuals so you see curated content that is relevant and inspiring to you.

As Style with Buki grows, I will need your support and input on a future reader survey and a few site changes that will be in the works. Please continue to comment and send feedback to as you see fit, I love hearing from you.

And if you’d like to contribute or collaborate with us, that would be awesome too!


Buki Peters

Greenery in DTLA

h_zHNjP-oI73GyQmUfqDCEb2J0TtEH0gIHPpT_0aNO8,wKm95EJm2h7i-6Qnru1YAlTT3B4STITsT4i9ve2BkpEWhile visiting California, I spent a lot of time exploring Downtown LA (DTLA). Staying in the heart of the city, I expected to see very little greenery during my daily walks but instead I was pleasantly surprised.Buki-LA-Aug 2015-1125There was Greenery in DTLA, sprinkled around high-rises, curated in thoughtfully designed parks and beautifying residents’ balconies. It gave the bustling city center large pockets of calm and relaxation and made me feel at home. Buki-LA-Aug 2015-1108Wearing: Kit and Ace Shirt and Vintage Skirt | All photography by Jennifer Sosa

Style Tip: When wearing a multicolored Print bottom, pick one color from the print and wear it as a solid top. I picked white and wore it as my t-shirt.

xx, Buki Peters

Montreal: Griffin Town and Saint Henri

IMG_4733On my visit to Montreal, Diana of Four Brown Girls was kind enough to spend a day with me. She showed me around her city and highlighted Griffin Town and Saint Henri, two culturally rich neighborhoods on the rise.

Below are some of Diana’s recommendations:
IMG_4735FOOD:  Eat at L’ Gros Luxe, it has a good menu, excellent Service and is reasonably priced.
IMG_4775PRODUCE:  Shop the Atwater Market for Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and a variety of Cheeses.
IMG_4747COFFEE:  Enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast too at Quoi de N’ Oeuf
IMG_4766HAIR: Make an appointment at InHAIRitance, a curl spa specializing in the care of Curly, Kinky, Locked and Wavy Hair textures.
TRY:  Nini Meatball House, a seasonal meat ball restaurant with an extensive menu that includes soups and salads too.
IMG_4751TRY: Buck 15 espresso bar a Jamaican fusion cafe that also serves up coffee and baked goods. If you visit on summer evenings you can also enjoy Jerk Chicken and listen to rhe drum circle perform in the alley way.
Thank you Diana for your Montreal recommendations!

Thankful FOUR

Buki-LA-Aug 2015-1123I’m thankful for new perspectives when shooting with Jen Sosa.IMG_5601I’m thankful for talented street Artists in Downtown LA’s Art District. IMG_5561I’m thankful for the public piano at Arts District Co-Op. IMG_2511I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore amazing places with amazing people.

What are you thankful for?


3 Reasons to Travel Bright

Buki-LA-Aug 2015-1087I have gone on a few trips this summer and I usually pack light with classic pieces that are easy to mix and match. But there is always an exception to the rule and for me it is this dress.

Buki-LA-Aug 2015-1075Among my summer whites, stripes and other classics is this neon orange dress or an equally vibrant one. Over the years I have accumulated a few great reasons to pack a vibrant dress when traveling somewhere new and will share 3 with you today.

Buki-LA-Aug 2015-10893 reasons I travel bright:

1.) It is easy to find me or describe me to a stranger if I get lost or loose my group.
2.) It makes otherwise boring backgrounds more fun to photograph.
3.) It is a conversation starter and alerts new friends that I am an extrovert.

IMG_0498Photography by Jennifer Sosa | Styling by Buki Peters | Shot in Downtown Los Angles, CA

I usually wear this dress on my first day in a new city because that is when I tend to wander off the most and find everything unfamiliar very interesting.

Would you pack a stand out dress like this when you travel? Why or Why not?




5 ways to care for leather Shoes and Bags

IMG_5268Around this time every year, I begin my preparations for the fall season by taking inventory of my summer shoes and bags to see if they need fixing before storing them away. I wasn’t always this diligent with the care of my accessories that is until I began going to my local Cobbler.

Alfa Shoe and Luggage Repair shop has been in business for over 30 years. Greg, the owner is a Cobbler with plenty of experience and wisdom about the care of shoes and accessories . After many years of visiting Alfa Shoe and Luggage Repair, I have learned several useful tips from Greg for caring for my leather goods and below are 5 simple ones to remember. IMG_5168IMG_5175Practice preventative care.
Similar to your health, preventative care is always best. Store leather bags in a dry and cool environment. Re-enforce the soles of shoes that are precious to you so they do not wear quickly.

IMG_5153Repair at first of wear.
Bring leather bags and shoes in as soon as you see visible wear and tear. The sooner you address the source of the problem, the simpler it will be correct and repair.

IMG_5244Protect and Preserve.
Easily prevent liquid stains by capping pens and keeping a tight lid on all liquids in and around your leather bag. During the Fall and Winter months, put leather protector spray or lotion on leather boots to repeal moisture.

Lighten your Load.
Only carry essentials in your handbag or brief case,  do not over load it or the straps will be strained and begin to rip.

Stay above ground.
Whenever possible, place your handbag on a clean smooth surface. Keep it off the floor because if it gets a stain it may be difficult to decipher the origin of this stain.


Many thanks to Greg and Alpha Shoe and Luggage Repair for these tips that have helped me over the years to maintain my vintage leather bags, I hope they help you also!

Do you have any other tips you use when caring for your leather accessories? Please share below in the comments section.



White T Shirt and Jeans / Elevating a Classic

IMG_5109A White T-Shirt and Jeans when worn well is a classic look that can almost be as fail proof as wearing a little black dress (LBD) out to dinner.  IMG_5122Most of us wear this combination (white T-shirt and Jeans) because it is a comfortable and familiar look and both are true. They a classic casual look but how do you elevate this look so it doesn’t turn out sloppy? IMG_5104It all has to do with the fit and the fashion.

1.)The fit of the shirt should be comfortable (not so tight that it looks like your second skin and not so loose that it can fit another person.  And the fit of the jeans should also be comfortable enough to walk in but not so relaxed that it bunches over your shoes.IMG_5083 After you have considered your fit, then the fashion part comes into play which is the fun part. 2.)The fashion part is how I make the look unique to me. I accessorized with a colorful scarf, a metallic belt and shoes which helped me personalize this common clothing combination. Lastly, I put on a blazer that I can wear  to an evening outing or dinner.

IMG_5100Wearing: Kit and Ace T-Shirt , Mango Denim, H&M Blazer, Vintage Scarf, J.Crew Belt and Nordstrom Sandals.

Style Tip: When wearing classic combos stand out with the fit and fashion of your look.

What are some classic combinations you wear often?


Buki Peters

locals luv: Hiking Old Rag Mountain

IMG_2165Old Rag Mountain is a Virginia Hiker’s favorite. To say it is an adventurous hike is a major understatement. If I were to put it into a movie category, it would have to be among the Thrillers.

I have wanted hike Old Rag for a while now but what I did not realize was that I would some hiking and a lot of climbing. To be exact, I was pulling myself up rocks by my hands then crawling through crevices and over boulders.

IMG_2169Although you see me smiling most photos, I was very focused and serious through most of the Old Rag crawl (I mean hike) because I had to concentrate so I did not fall into the valley.IMG_2150IMG_2155 Old Rag is known for two things: 1) The unique obstacle climbing/hiking combination. 2) The gorgeous views. You can see for miles and various look outs. I enjoyed the first part of the Old Rag experience which was the climbing/crawling uniqueness but did not get to see the gorgeous 30 mile views at the summit due to heavy fog.  IMG_2172IMG_2215In this particular instance, the fog worked to my advantage though because it made looking down not as scary as it would have been on a clear day hence my fear of heights was lessened. IMG_2174IMG_2199Another advantage to climbing on a foggy day was the cool weather and the lack of crowds. I’m so glad I did not have people waiting behind me as I tried to crawl through crevices or jump over spaces between boulders.  IMG_2186IMG_2203   I finally reached the summit and joyfully thanked God I survived the climb. After resting a few minutes, I stood up feeling tougher now than I had early that morning because of course I had just climbed Old Rag . Yay!!!

I did it and I could now actually smile authentically at the top of the mountain. Once my chest deflated, I swiftly proceed to return to the bottom of the mountain but this time, I went the easy way. The way you don’t see until you summit of course but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.IMG_2172Local Luv tips to Hiking Old Rag Mountain:

+ Wear hiking boots or shoes with grip: you’ll need them on the Boulders.
+ Pack light: The less weight you have the easier it will be for you to maneuver around.
+ Leave your huge camera behind: You may end up damaging it on the climb.
+ Concentrate on Climbing: Focus and attention is imperative so you do not slip and fall.
+ Avoid hiking in the rain: The rocks can be very slippery and difficult to grip.
+ Enjoy the journey and savor the views: Have fun, this is a unique hike.

xx, Buki Peters

Classic Denim on Denim

IMG_4413 Over the years, I have learned to travel light because I do not like to check my bags and I like being able to lift my luggage on my own on the outbound trip. The return trip may have accumulated a few extra pounds so I am more open to help.

Another reason I pack light is because it allows me to challenge my styling skills to see how many different outfits I can come up with using a limited number of clothes. So I stick to classic clothing pieces ( a white button down, denim, white sneakers, a Chambray shirt etc.).IMG_4387

On my recent trip to Montreal, Canada I packed as I usually do and ended up wearing an all denim outfit. It was comfortable classic denim on denim look that was easy to style because I concentrated more on my accessories for a relaxed look.

What does your travel wardrobe consist of ?


Buki Peters

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