Summer Snapshots

IMG_4221I’m enjoying this summer weather. I am elated about the high temperatures and although it can get very humid I am embracing the season.

IMG_4176I’m embracing Summer by by wearing white often, cooling off with ice cream or gelato and wearing bright colored sandals!

IMG_4230How are you enjoying the Summer?


Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

IMG_4111A love note from Charleston amongst bills and junk mail.


IMG_4071A walk in the woods to photograph a sweet friend this week.


IMG_4759This view of Palm trees which I will be seeing very soon.


IMG_1765 I’m thankful for wild berries in the woods that taste so good!

Fun fact: Growing up my mom basically forbid me from eating wild berries in the forests because she thought I was a bit of a free spirit and may end up ingesting poisonous fruits. So, now that I’m an adult, I feel almost naughty when I eat unwashed berries from thorny bushes in the woods….

What are you thankful for this week?

xx, Buki Peters


Fields of Bloom: Floral Maxi Skirt

IMG_0470“Bloom where you’re planted, even if you’re the only flower in a field of grass. Let your colors brighten up the meadow.”- BukiIMG_0408|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by Joshua Gilbert|

STYLE TIP: Wear a solid color with a crowded print. It makes the print pop and makes your overall outfit less busy.

xx, Buki Peters


3 ways to Accessorize your Hair this Summer

IMG_0733Put some flowers in it. One of the great things about my thick afro is its ability to hold things I put in it.

IMG_0201Wear a scarf. There are so many ways to tie one. Lately, I am enjoying tying it in a bow. See the tutorial HERE.

IMG_0703Put a hat on: Every season I wear hats but summer is extra necessary because it also protects me from the rays of the sun.

How do you wear your hair in the summer? Any fun ideas?


Buki Peters

Re-style: Red Dress

IMG_3920Wearing: Olubukunmi dress, Vintage lace, vintage earrings and Warby Parker Glasses

IMG_3932|Styling by Buki Peters || Photography by K. Manfredi |

Independence Day is always a fun celebration for me, first because I reside in a wonderful country and second because I enjoy dressing up around Holiday themes. This year I chose to refrain from any new purchases and re-style a favorite article of clothing.

The first time I wore this, it was a full dress (shown HERE). I recently transformed that dress into a skirt which I am wearing in above as a dress.

To keep from looking like beach attire, I added a vintage lace cover up which I like to call my modesty piece. I think it is actually a table cover I believe but it was to pretty to adorn a simple table so I put it on me!

This look was a hit for me because I could wear it belted and un-belted (as I consumed more food during the evening) and both were flattering looks.

Have you re-styled any of your old favorites lately? If so, do share in the comments section below!



Buki Peters

Outdoor Adventures in Style

IMG_0188 I enjoy spending time exploring outdoors, going on adventures and discovering new places. I also equally enjoy getting dressed to explore so I pick light weight breathable tops and durable bottoms (jeans).

IMG_0160I usually wear converse sneaker for rough paths or sandals when I suspect I will encounter a body of water.

IMG_0021I like braiding my hair or tying it up with a scarf to keep my Afro from getting dirt or falling leaves stuck in it.

IMG_0121Photography by Josh Gilbert

I go out often and enjoy taking plenty of photos that’s why my I want my outfit to be practical but also pretty!

How do you dress when you are going on an adventure?

xx,Buki Peters

Locals Luv: The Dome

IMG_1794 I had the pleasure of visiting the I-Max Dome in Richmond a little while ago and watching a show on planets and the night sky. It was an incredible experience to see a movie on a I-max screen that is currently one of the largest in North America!

IMG_1782The Dome, though a spectacle on its own, is connected to the Science Museum of Virginia which is holds several interactive exhibits and live science experiments that are enlightening to try. I’m looking forward to visiting the Dome and enjoying the Museum for a little longer next time!

Have you been to an I-Max Theater before? If so, What was your experience like?


Buki Peters

Thankful FOUR

IMG_0221I’m thankful for wild flowers and their untamed beauty.

IMG_3711I’m thankful for vintage treasures packed with untold stories.

IMG_3905I’m thankful for new and unfamiliar streets waiting to be explored.

IMG_0543I’m thankful for bike-shares like Capital  bikes that help me speed past all the automobile traffic.

What are you Thankful for?


Buki Peters


DIY: How to Tie a scarf into a bow

IMG_0151I have been asked by several people how I tie my scarf in a bow so I decided to show you how I do it

tfOXT_pXrPWYyichCir4Gmil3UU_rBYSwPkajozybiLPyIfXTuYyTAIMrcj2Bja08S9S1tYXAGVRURNciYTXp-KhLo9bRbSr6H0PNEE5SGvSQGOOHBmpHm8KUjvFyrZ2H8ZQ5f8-p0cX6av7-L6AKsPA0JUZtC2DVDJ2OWEl8OnnGdShegetYlTr8sfkJrTY4rxVVG M2A4aM-iq-T65ketzrW8phYH_Ba9tqszofCEn4CwWRiOy1rH2bccWDd0HNsyb8Vui-LzOgsPGIHL6lp-VzDBuTPrYLUZg0SfmtuKeErIP7U-uF-up2xmApDgI6SFQC7p0WdVXq_nRyon9nej7AKkbaX-iDgZsakapmQFo-GCN7Rr9sNybCoZT8TWlj5DvVNEAzdkp4dF5nsGwqdtq7aNmgptZih-yuaEx_UpkrDgfpGv3S03e9W0SWcu0E2JVJ63gDgUrXBXEF2RPiL3LgjOI2XYDvLtJNgaAnhcmSxmCtAS97V8kmQl4f8SUcQqV_S9fG-gpFmteEGJFDvxCT-PKYQuWGAcU0ePs7opzAfScqH7ksjOMGjOvWiJBTE-fOFZOor26kgmQykp

IMG_0202Now you know how I tie my scarf. Do let me know if you feel inspired to try it!


Buki Peters

Summer to do List

IMG_0569Every summer I make a mental list of things to do, see and try. This summer I am putting that list on paper and making it public so YOU can join in the fun and SHARE your list as well. IMG_05731. Visit at least 3 national parks
2. Host a summer soiree
3. Dance under the stars
4. Have a picnic in the park
5. Host a children’s book reading at a local library or a local Family Shelter
6. Arrange and deliver a surprise bouquet of flowers
7. Send a care package to a friend
8. Get really dressed up for a girls night out
9.  Attend an Outdoor Concert
10. Try a new hair style

IMG_0604Now It’s your turn. What’s on your Summer To Do list?

xx,Buki Peters

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